Mainline relining

Sewer and drain pipes can get damaged for a number of reasons losing its functionality and in some cases causing damage to enviroment. These problems can be rectified by relining the pipes with UV Cured liners by EM Drain Services to avoid all the inconvinience that comes with digging and open trenches. UV Relining is a process where a liner is installed within an existing pipe with a  GRP (glass reinforced plastic) type of material, which when cured, is actually stronger than the original pipe. It fits tight to the wall of the original pipe, creating a tough, strong and durable lining, increasing the life span of the pipe and flow efficiency with minimal loss of internal diameter. It is suitable for lining pipes with typical faults of root ingression, leaking joints, open or displaced joints, cracks and fractures. The liners are resistant to most harsh chemicals and high temperatures.Pipe Relining Repair Sewer Drain